The Fully Accredited AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner Training Bundle

perfect for project managers who are looking to expand their skills

What is AgilePM®?

The focus of Agile® Project Management is on developing solutions incrementally enabling project teams to react effectively to changing requirements, whilst empowering project personnel and encouraging increased collaboration and ownership.

What are the benefits of AgilePM®?

  • The customer will have the opportunity be involved in the entire life cycle of the project which will contribute to a new level of trust and towards a company
  • Collaboration with stakeholders in a project can be helpful due to the ability to gain a much better understanding of a clients vision to provide a better outcome
  • As the projects estimates are made before the project starts, the costs and quality of the project should be easily managed and monitored
  • AgilePM® will allow you to better deal with change to a project that would normally result in big delays and damage, so you can provide a much better outcome despite the alterations
  • As a project progresses, AgilePM® would recommend constant feedback with stakeholders as opposed to just team members. This will resolve potential issues at an early point in the project, keep you on track and result in a much better end result
  • Due to the increased communication and collaboration, the project or product should be released much earlier than others. 80% of market leaders were the first to release their product

Who is AgilePM® for?

This certification is perfect for project managers who are looking to expand their skills and improve their projects overall performance.

As well as the qualification being great for project managers, it will also be very helpful for team members who are looking to gain a better understanding of how the processes involved are used in their company and employees who are looking to help advance their career.

This certification will help you stand out from the crowd as companies that use AgilePM® concepts will see that you have an excellent understanding of how the processes work. This will go in your advantage as they will know that you’ll be able to hit the ground running, saving them unnecessary costs and making you far more valuable.

Module 1: Intro

Module 2: Background

Module 3: Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables

Module 4: Instrumental Success Factors

Module 5: The DSDM Process

Module 6: DSDM Roles and Responsibilities

Module 7: DSDM Products

Module 8: DSDM Practices

Module 9: Planning and Control

Module 10: Examination

Module 11: Sample Examination

Module 1: Intro

Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3: Project Management Through the Lifecycle

Module 4: The Effective use of DSDM Projects

Module 5: Deliver on Time

Module 6: People, Teams and Interactions

Module 7: Requirements and User Stories

Module 8: Estimating

Module 9: Project Planning Through the Lifecycle

Module 10: Never Compromise Quality

Module 11: Risk Management

Module 12: Tailoring the Approach


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