The Accredited PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Course

Where PRINCE2® meets AgilePM®

What is PRINCE2 Agile®?

PRINCE2 Agile® is an extension module designed specifically to tailor PRINCE2® to an agile environment. The certification has been created for organisations and individuals already using PRINCE2® who would like further guidance on how to apply Agile methods to the world’s most popular project management framework.

PRINCE2 Agile® has been developed as a single-tier Practitioner qualification. The purpose of the certification is to demonstrate that you can apply and tailor PRINCE2® to an agile scenario.

For all those who completed the Accredited PRINCE2®6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner Training course and those in the Project Management sector, this is the perfect way to display your knowledge and bring you up to the next level.

If you have not already passed your PRINCE2®6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner Training course, we highly advise that you do so first, as it is one of the requirements for the PRINCE2 Agile® Examination. If you want to learn and take the exam for PRINCE2®, you can find a thorough training bundle here.

What are the benefits of PRINCE2 Agile®?

  • Allows you to focus on both management and delivery
  • Lets you scale to your precise requirements
  • Gives you control and good governance, flexibility and pragmatism
  • Works with any established Agile approach
  • A collaboratively-built programme that is corporate friendly
  • Helps take projects and working practices to a new level of success and achievement.

The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to PRINCE2® Agile
  • Agile Frameworks
  • The Hexagon
  • Focus Areas
  • Helicopter View
  • Organization, Governance (DP) and Business Case
  • Tailoring SU & IP processes
  • Plans Risk & Quality
  • Change and Progress
  • Tailoring CS, MP and SB processes
  • Tailoring CP process and Summary

The course will help you to: –

  • Understand the most common agile approaches – SCRUM, Kanban and Lean
  • Decide whether or not to apply agile to a particular project (and how much!)
  • Map the PRINCE2® management roles with common agile delivery roles
  • Understand how to structure a PRINCE2® agile project team, with particular focus on the Project Manager and Team Manager / Delivery Team interface
  • Understand how to apply the six target / tolerance areas in an agile way
  • Understand the 5 recommended focus areas for PRINCE2® agile
  • Learn new agile techniques, such as retrospectives, sprints and
  • Study the principles and values of PRINCE2® agile
  • Apply the PRINCE2® themes and processes in an agile way

Although you should have foundation level knowledge of PRINCE2® before taking this course, you do not have to have passed a PRINCE2® qualification.


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