In a Nutshell...

Project Managers who hold professional certifications can expect a much higher salary compared to someone who doesn’t, not to mention the increased job opportunities!

The two most common Project Management certifications include PMP® (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2), although there are other extremely sought after certifications as Six Sigma®, Change Management® and PRINCE2 Agile® (The brand-new, latest step in the PRINCE2® journey).

Any candidate who holds one or more of these certifications can expect a bright future in the industry!

Why Else?

Some of the many other reasons to study include:

• Project Managers are in extremely high demand. The PMI® (Project Management Institute) has estimated a jaw-dropping 22 million new Project Management job openings through 2027.

• Salaries for Project Managers are extremely competitive. Even an entry level Project Manager is estimated to earn an average of £42,000 per year.

• As you progress your career, you can expect to see double your entry-level wage - or even more.

• Project Managers are needed in every industry in the world, from computing, manufacturing to oil, the job opportunities are endless.

• Some compare Project Managers to CEOs, due to the similar challenges, Project Managers learn how to make or break a project and as a result, the company.